Kent's Natural Learning Centre

A natural way to learn

At Kent's Natural Learning Centre, we are focused on providing a safe, nurturing venue where children and adults can learn alongside animals and nature.

We have a selection of well mannered, calm, loving animals; pigs, goats, sheep, Ernie the Donkey and a small  herd of well trained horses; which means we have an offering to suit all individuals and their needs .

Animal assisted learning is an amazing learning solution which has been tailored to help people develop and learn with a more gentle and holistic approach.

This philosophy allows us to help people deal with many of life’s challenges; to improve confidence, concentration, self esteem, improve communication skills , team work and to help people make friends. Animals can teach us so many of these valuable life lessons .

A change in environment is amazing for the soul; spending time with animals or just sitting under a tree watching the birds and smelling wild flowers can benefit everyone.