Kent's Natural Learning Centre

A natural way to learn

Who are we?


Sarah - The Kent’s Natural Learning Centre Manager

Qualifications :

  • Qualified teacher status
  • Equine Assisted Learning practitioner
  • First aid
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Qualified mindfulness
  • Experience in Tertiary Education


I look forward to meeting you; sharing the joys and happiness of our wonderful, nurturing, learning centre.


What are our aims and objectives? 

  • To provide a safe working environment where people can develop their life skills and knowledge working with animals in a rural, natural setting
  • To provide assisted work placements and learning opportunities for people with special needs and learning disabilities. In the future we want to be able to offer accredited qualifications for 16 to 25 yr olds.
  • To provide local schools with the opportunity for extra curricular enrichment opportunities  which meet EHCP outcomes and programs and ensuring that any additional needs are met. 
  • Under the umbrella organisation ‘give a cob a job’,  we will be seeking to raise the profile and welfare of animals who for various reasons have been rejected or abused and are consequently seen as valueless and disposable.