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Traditional Gypsy Cobs

All the horses that we use at our centre are traditional gypsy cobs. This is an amazingly flexible breed with a range of talents but in recent years this breed has sadly been over bred; due to this they are now the main breed, looking for homes, at all the UK welfare agencies.

KNLC aims to give a valuable role to cobs; a job for life. They are kind, sensible, understanding horses with a gentle disposition, ideal for our equine facilitated learning programmes.

You can read more about our work with cobs and the current issues surrounding the breed at

Big Jim

  • Jim was always bigger than everyone else when he was growing up
  1. Everyone picked on him because he was big, very tall and overweight
  2. He was shy too
  3. Always last in the queue
  4. Often bullied even though he was the biggest
  5. And quite clumsy

Life has improved for Jim; he has found new friends and a new girlfriend, he is always kind and polite, shares his food and absolutely loves being groomed


Colin the Cob

  • Colin lived in a big herd
  • He was rarely fed and so most days he had to find his own food
  • He was very cold and hungry all the time; thin and sick
  • He was never groomed
  • No one ever talked to him or were nice to him
  • He was lonely and sad; no one loved him

KNLC is fostering Colin from Cob Care as part of his rehabilitation. Colin arrived at Cob Care very thin, sick and extremely shy of people. He is being nurtured back to good health and through his rehabilitation at KNLC is learning to socialise with other equines and people; sharing his story with visitors to KNLC. Once Colin is fully recovered, he will return to Cob Care; their aim will be to find him a loving, forever home.

Little Lily

  • Sadly Lily lost her mummy
  • She was very sad. 
  • But then at about the same time, a local Mummy lost her daughter. 
  • Lily then became her foster daughter
  • She lived in France and really wanted to meet her extended family back in the UK

So that Lily was happier and more comfortable, she moved back to England with her foster mum. There she met more of her family members including her Grandma which made her really happy.  She now lives in the same field as her Grandma

 Mr Samuel Whiskers

  1. Samuel grew up with lots of friends in a big herd
  2. he never got dinner and every day had to find his own food
  3. he was the boss and all the ladies of the herd loved him
  4. he never got brushed ,
  5. no one ever talked to him or was nice to him

Samuel moved to KNLC and was instantly loved by a little girl called Jessica, she brushed him and loved riding him. Samuel got his own little cart , so went out on drives  which he loved. He then went to a very big show and won!  He is now very loved and everyone cuddles and brushes him. He loves his new life

Ernie the Donkey
  • Ernie originally lived with his mum and sisters but they all had to leave their home
  • His mum and baby sister went to a new home
  • Ernie was left on his own as no one picked him; this made him very sad
  • He has great character but is also quite mischievous
When Ernie arrived at KNLC he was very frightened but so happy to have a new home. He made lots of new friends but also a few enemies as his favourite game is chasing chickens! He makes a lot of noise when he is hungry!

And here are some of our other animals. So many and some with amazing stories to tell. They look forward to meeting you.